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[MKC Tracker] Vanilla

Show Name: CPF's Raspberry Vanilla Tart
Call Name: Vanilla, Raz, Anchor (due to the ship's anchor looking marking on his forehead) 
Gender: Male (unaltered)
Age: 10 months
Breed: Wiltshire Spaniel
Height // Weight: Average // Average
Coat Color: Liver Tricolor (Collared) (kk EE bb Dd atat sisi tt Cce)
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: (generator can be found here)
15. Einstein: I know every command. I memorized every course and I can do pretty much anything without any help from you.
47. Sweet: Hi, wanna cuddle? Here's my cuddle face. *awwwwwwwwww*
79. Loves to act rowdy and foolish
93. Is shy around new people
Worst fears
2. Thunder
48. Bees, wasps, hornets, anything that stings and buzzes
Pack mentality
8. Plays best
:iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 0 0
[MKC Tracker] Strawberry

Show Name: CPF's Strawberries 'n' Cream Pie
Call Name: Strawberry, Berry
Gender: Female (unaltered)
Age: 10 months
Breed: Wiltshire Spaniel
Height // Weight: Average // Average
Coat Color: Liver Tricolor (Collared) (kk EE bb Dd atat sisi tt cece)
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: (generator can be found here)
26. Mechanic: I am direct. I'm quick and decisive and you'll never need to worry if I'm on track.
40. Flighty: Fickle and irresponsible. I might be fine one second but I'll act up during the worst possible moment. I'm whimsical but you'll probably find it annoying.
9. When I get tired I will run into you and wobble
30. Hates to stand still or wait anywhere for long
Worst fears
5. Skateboards
7. Camera Flash
Pack mentali
:iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 0 0
[MKC Tracker] Red Velvet

Show Name: CPF's Red Velvet Cheesecake
Call Name: Red Velvet, Red
Gender: Male (unaltered)
Age: 10 months
Breed: Wiltshire Spaniel
Height // Weight: Average // Average
Coat Color: Liver Tricolor (Collared) (kk EE bb Dd atat sisi tt CC)
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: (generator can be found here)
7. Intelligent: Make sure you keep my kibble and food in a safe place because I WILL find it. I'm also an escape artist; have fun keeping me chained up
44. Shy: I'm not going out there. Please don't let that judge touch me.
49. I always pull on the leash
78. Does everything in a serious manner
Worst fears
21. Water bottles
46. Quick unexpected movements
Pack mentality
7. Forever a puppy. Loves to play and annoy others
Dog vs Handl
:iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 0 0
GF CPF's Raspberry Vanilla Tart :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 3 3 GF CPF's Strawberries 'n' Cream Pie :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 2 2 GF CPF's Red Velvet Cheesecake :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 4 3 Activity Roll 6 - Oddwallakennel :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 4 0 Activity Roll 5 - Oddwallakennel :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 4 0 Activity Roll 4 - Oddwallakennel :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 5 0 ERSA Aswan Qualifiers :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 8 6 Jumping Training - Trade - BlackestQueen :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 6 5 IGH St Patricks Day Leprechaun Hunt 3/3 :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 7 0 IGH St Patricks Day Leprechaun Hunt 2/3 :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 7 3 IGH St Patricks Day Leprechaun Hunt 1/3 :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 4 0 Mush Puppies - Social comm - MidnightAyaDARPG :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 12 6 Whelping Image Comm - MidnightAyaDARPG :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 11 2


Tokota AR Payment
Pay here if you were approved for an AR slot! Price will be updated if necessary~
NACD Import - Custom for SSK
NACD Imports/Adopts folder
Purchased a NACD import? Pay for it here! I will tag you in the commission and add your title to the top! The price of the import will also be adjusted depending on the dog(s) purchased!
Squirrelstar-Kennels pay for your import here!
DARPG Custom Imports - Fern Wilty Lines

DARPG Custom Imports

Pay for the lineart (and an included import) for your custom imports here! (120:points: base price)
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I will change the price depending on the number of imports and if you do/don't need lines!

FernHillRanch pay for your Wilty lines here!
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Uawei Map :iconiipaw:iiPaw 3 7 Red and White [Closed Litter] :iconnewvoh:newvoh 6 14 Shani Malinois Import :iconlittle-bird-kennel:Little-Bird-Kennel 4 2 Brindle brush UPDATED :iconaes0:aes0 20 14 GC | The Golden Snitch :iconysval:Ysval 41 20 Show Jumping Stock 0016 :iconluda-stock:LuDa-Stock 56 9 Doggone Mountain Party :iconsong-wolf-farm:Song-Wolf-Farm 9 26
Egyptian Racing Sighthound Association
QUICK LINKS: ERSA Calender of Events -- Registration Records / Grade and Point Standings -- Complete Accepted Breeds List
Part 1: Rules and Regulations concerning membership and registration
General Rules and Eligibility

    ERSA is open to everyone. Membership within CanisNudari is NOT a requirement (but helps keep you updated!)
    All purebred sighthounds and named longdog mixes (like the American Staghound) are permitted.
This includes rare sighthounds not accepted by any major clubs.
Created breeds which fall under the sighthound or sighthound-like pariah category may apply for acceptance.
ERSA does NOT accept the Rhodesian Ridgeback (listed in the FCI as a scenthound.
Dogs must be semi-realistic (no extreme fantasy) but may be disqualified from
:iconcanisnudari:CanisNudari 5 29
[DoC] | Contract | Nao/Rennei
[ N A O ]
Nao sucked in a deep breath, filling her lungs to the brim with the familiar scents of gasoline, sweat, and a faint hint of cologne coming off some of the folks roaming around the hotels. This place was always a neat visit; so different from the casual people in Maplegrove. Look at those suits. So stiff. So stiff, she chided to herself with a slight shake of the head. Carefully, she peeked her head out of the alleyway, catching the sight of a few collarless dogs rushing through the busy streets. Nao snorted, pulling her neck in to better obscure the engraved metal she wore. If the heavy scent of people wasn’t enough to give away her true faction, that collar certainly would.
Right…Right. Stray faction territory.  Nao brushed against the dumpster to her side, wanting to get some kind of proper ‘camouflage’ out here. No need to get in a fight when you’re just out for some fun.
:iconchewtora:Chewtora 2 0
Slide tackle :icontemplado:Templado 59 11 Thoroughbred Adopts :iconvasitri:Vasitri 10 7 North Country RNG Sled Meet :iconchaos7707:Chaos7707 4 3 Explore 3 :iconfernhillranch:FernHillRanch 4 0 Creature Creation Challenge :iconlookanowl:LookAnOwl 741 145
St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hunt [CLOSED]
:new:The event has now ended.
Thanks to all who participated! I'm working on getting all the entries judged and prizes out in a timely manner. However, I'm in the process of moving and the new place doesn't get internet until the 28th, so it's gonna be a little while before I'm able to post results. Sorry for any inconveniences caused by the delay!
The puppies can be viewed here!
IGH-Registry's St. Patrick's day parade was all set to go off without a hitch, but preparations came to a halt when the storage room was raided by pesky leprechauns. While sorting through the upheaval, staff found a litter of Irish Guardian Hounds had been stolen and 7 young puppies are now missing.
The Search
The sun peaks over the hill overlooking the celebration hall, illuminating small, mischievous footprints through the mud and wet grass leading around the back of the barn before disappearing.The light tinkering of gleeful laughter that
:iconigh-registry:IGH-Registry 6 28
Damask Brites Patterns :iconkittenbella:kittenbella 863 137


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
This is my main account, used for displaying commissions. This is also the only account I will accept commission requests from. My side account (which used to be my main account) is TheForce77. Commissions done before 2015 are posted there.

You can call me prettypinkey2, Pinkey, Pinky, or pp2, I don't really care. I'll probably answer to anything haha.
Gender: Female (but I'm sure that was obvious)

♥ Graphic Designing
♥ Star Wars
♥ Marvel (MCU) and Agents of Shield/Agent Carter
♥♥ Doctor Who
♥ Percy Jackson
♥ Mortal Instruments & Infernal Devices
♥ Divergent Trilogy
♥ Hunger Games
♥ The Host
♥ The Fallen series by Thomas E. Sniegoski
♥ The Gentleman Bastards saga by Scott Lynch

I also love sharing what I do! So if you have any questions about my art, or maybe wish to learn to do it yourself, I'd be glad to share some tips!

If you are interested in commissions, see the website (link below) or my journal. Or note me.
Zombie meme stolen from Merleee (who tagged me in hers!) and teen meme stolen from RealTBS (even though I'm no longer technically a teen lol)

1) Sidekick- 
JatoWhitz Ayyyyyyy

2) Sniper-
Squirrelstar-Kennels SWEET I got the Canadian as my sniper <3

3) The one who loses it-
LittleJuine Aww poor Juine

4) The brain-
Chaos7707 LOL, makes sense, we ask each other lotsa questions (and answer them too!)

5) The born leader who takes charge-
WolfHavenWoods Ayyyy there you go

6) Medic-
Nopeita Let's hope your medic skills are as awesome as your icon skills!

7) The one who yells vulgarities at the zombies-
FernHillRanch LMAO why is this only too accurate?

8) Weapon expert-
TruffleButter Well it only makes sense that the TT pimp is the weapons expert, don't it?

9) Person who can't have the Molotov-
RedPineRanch Well didn't this just get ironic?

10) The car guy (er gal)-
Merleee Well at least TBS didn't get this one again xD

11) Cheerleader-
xKPNKx I hope you know how to cheer and shoot a rifle at the same time xD

12) Everything bad happens to this one, but they survive it all-
Lurkwood LOL omg poor Lurk <3 I GOTCHU I PROMISE

13) The idiot who somehow managed to survive-
RealTBS Well after reading what Merle said about your driving skills, this probably makes some sense LOL

[X] Mother 
[X] Father 
[ ] Step-Father 
[ ] Step-Mother 
[ ] Step Sister 
[ ] Step Brother 
[ ] Brother 
[ ] Brother In Law
[X] Sister 
[ ] Sister In Law
[X] Twin
[ ] Half sister
[ ] Half brother 
[ ] Nephew 
[ ] Niece
[ ] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[ ] Mobile phone
[X] Own bathroom 
[X] Own room 
[ ] Have/had a swimming pool 
[X] Have/had a hot tub
[X] Guest room
[X] Living Room
[X] Own computer 
[X] Own TV 
[X] Flat TV
[X] Lots of rugs
Total: 13 (hmm, now I think I know why they call this a teenager meme...I swear I didn't have so much furniture before I got to college and had a dorm to furnish!)

[X] Full size/Queen bed 
[ ] More than 8 pairs of shoes 
[ ] MP3 Player/iPod
[ ] PS2/3
[X] Nintendo DS or PSP 
[X] Gameboy/Advance 
[ ] Gamecube
[ ] Xbox/Xbox 360/ Xbox One
[X] Wii
[X] Your Own Laptop 
Total: 18

[ ] Basketball net/hoop
[X] Air hockey table
[ ] Pool table
[X] Ping pong table
[X] Football (foosball?) table
[X] Sports gear 
Total: 22

[X] Nightstand
[ ] Stereo in bedroom 
[ ] Surround system
[X] DVD player in bedroom/portable (if you count the computer)
Total: 24

[ ] Go shopping at least once a week 
[ ] Expensive cologne/perfume
[ ] AIM/MSN  
[X] Camera on phone 
Total: 25

[ ] Straightener/curling iron 
[ ] Have been to a batting cage 
[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet 
[X] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card 
[X] Have a TV in your room 
[X] Mirror in your room
[X] Window in your room
Total: 29

[ ] Been to Paris
[ ] Been to Rome
[ ] Been to Australia
[ ] Been to Switzerland
[ ] Been to Dubai
[ ] Been to Germany
[ ] Been to the United Kingdom (no but I just heard I'm going next year!!)
[ ] Been to a place written in 7 wonders
Total: 29

[X] Parents have a car
[ ] Have owned or own a jet ski/boat (my grandparents had a boat but I don't think that counts here)
[ ] Had/have camped
[X] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces 
[ ] 80+ buddies 
Total: 31

[X] Home cooked meals almost everyday
[X] Been in a limo
[X] Been in a helicopter
[X] Own a camera 
[X] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times (I've only been twice but I'm gonna count this anyway)
Total: 36

Total: 36

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (and tag 3 people)
26-40 = Average Teen! (and tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (And tag 15 people) 
51+ = Upper Class Snob! (and tag 20 people)

Everyone who was tagged in the zombie meme because why follow rules and only tag ten? Hehe


Just for those of you who don't know, I've been having some crazy tablet problems lately, as well as having midterms for schoolwork (art and otherwise) so quite a bit of my free time has been sucked up! However, I've got spring break coming up in a few days that I can use to catch up on those commissions! Thanks for being patient <3
Aw, come on deviantART. Way to kill the birthday mood by reminding me that my core ends in a week xD
I was drawing a Rekkie...and somehow it took on the shape of a cheetah?? and then I actually drew an okay cheetah head??

I'll probably revamp it a bit to fit Eldren, my feline-esque creature, or do some type of ych. Or use it for a cheetah character I just got.

Very weird xD Anybody else have strange experiences with their drawings morphing species? LOL


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Excuse me, why you give me 200 points?
prettypinkey2 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was just about to note you about this!

Apparently deviantART thinks I had you send me points so I could turn them into real money without giving you art; obviously this isn't the case as I did draw the artwork and tag you in it, so I am attempting to work things out. If it doesn't, I don't suppose I could have you re-send the points directly since dA didn't like it being sent through the widget? I can provide screenshots of the issue if you would like.
A-RUKU Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
I know how to do, check your new order.
prettypinkey2 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you (: If it's alright, I will wait to hear back from the staff in case they are able to resolve it so that I don't accidentally take twice as much from you!
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Bafa Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Happy Birthday!!!! :D <333
prettypinkey2 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
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MarshmallowStrawberry Cake with candles 50x50 icon Cherry Cake with candles 50x50 icon Jerusalem Cross Cake with candles 50x50 icon Black Forest Cake with candles 50x50 icon Mint Cake Type 2 with candles 50x50 icon

H (Alphabets)A (Alphabets)P (Alphabets)P (Alphabets)Y (Alphabets)

 Mint Cake Type 1 with candles 50x50 iconPink Birthday Cake with candles 50x50 icon Blueberry Cake type 7 with candles 50x50 icon Lemon Cake Type 1 with candles 50x50 icon Blueberry Cake type 3 with candles 50x50 icon  

2 ( Numbers ) O Alphabets (Words)      T (Alphabets)H (Alphabets)
 Gradient Cake with candles 50x50 icon DA cake with candles 50x50 icon PS cake with candles 50x50 icon Watermelon Cake with candles 50x50 icon Banana Chocolate Cake with candles 50x50 icon 

 B (Alphabets)I (Alphabets)R (Alphabets)T (Alphabets)H (Alphabets)D (Alphabets)A (Alphabets)Y (Alphabets)
Strawberry Jam Cake with candles 50x50 icon Cream Tower Cake with candles 50x50 icon Chestnut Cake Type 2 with candles 50x50 icon Black Forest Cake Type 2 with candles 50x50 icon Rainbow Layers Cake (W) with candles 50x50 icon 

P (Alphabets)I (Alphabets)N Alphabets (Words)K Alphabets (Words)E (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)  

Orange Cake Type 2 2Dk with candles 50x50 iconHalf Cream Cake Type 2 with candles 50x50 iconPink Heart Icon
prettypinkey2 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you! :D

And technically it's only twenty, but even I have been getting the numbers mixed up LOL
Squirrelstar-Kennels Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
rofl i fixed it! 
prettypinkey2 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD sweet
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