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[90 Day Mustang Challenge] Carry On by prettypinkey2 [90 Day Mustang Challenge] Carry On :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 3 0 [90 Day Mustang Challenge] Practice Makes Perfect by prettypinkey2 [90 Day Mustang Challenge] Practice Makes Perfect :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 5 0 DoC | Misha | Hot as #!%$ outside. Not cool. by prettypinkey2 DoC | Misha | Hot as #!%$ outside. Not cool. :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 12 6 DoC | Misha | Wildflowers for the Wildflower [BWP] by prettypinkey2 DoC | Misha | Wildflowers for the Wildflower [BWP] :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 5 2 DoC | Rennei | Switch-Around Meme by prettypinkey2 DoC | Rennei | Switch-Around Meme :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 7 5 DoC | Misha | Outrider by prettypinkey2 DoC | Misha | Outrider :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 9 6 [IGH vs NACD] Head to Head Treibball - Navajo by prettypinkey2 [IGH vs NACD] Head to Head Treibball - Navajo :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 5 2 [IGH vs NACD] Hot Rod Derby by prettypinkey2 [IGH vs NACD] Hot Rod Derby :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 6 7 [IGH vs NACD] FAST Dog Agility by prettypinkey2 [IGH vs NACD] FAST Dog Agility :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 10 0 Lust headshot payment by prettypinkey2 Lust headshot payment :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 5 2 [DoC Group Plot Phase 3] Get Up, Stand Up by prettypinkey2 [DoC Group Plot Phase 3] Get Up, Stand Up :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 10 3 DoC | Rennei | Easter Fools! [BWP] by prettypinkey2 DoC | Rennei | Easter Fools! [BWP] :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 9 1
[DoC] Unexpected Kinship

Ft prettypinkey2's Rennei and Mighty-C-amurai's Shiloh.
Rennei WC: 1,608
Shiloh WC: 1,589
Location: Downtown and Farmstead of Canidale (before group plot events!)
Method: Discord
Dates: 02/12/2018-04/09/2018

    It was a cool, sunny spring day in Canidale, the birds were chirping and the city was quiet. A long old beat up ford truck drives into the city limits and in the bed of the truck sit a mutt, a husky dobermna mix and he looks aroudn panting and wagging his curled tail as 'Man' drove the truck and buckled up in the passenger seat in a booster seat was 'Man's pup'. the truck stops at a mom and pop shop and the huamns go in
:iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 1 0
[DoC] Fights, Flowers, and Frolics

Ft prettypinkey2's Rennei and loolun's Moses.
Rennei WC: 1,404
Moses WC: 1,332
Location: Downtown and Coastal Canidale 

(well before group plot events!)

Method: Discord
Dates: 02/10/2018-03/24/2018

    Rennei took a deep breath of the crisp late winter air. From her toes to her nose, the young chocolate and tan pup felt as light as a feather. It was February after all, with a romantic holiday right around the corner. Now, of course, Rennei wasn't a fan of humans. But she could appreciate their homes, their food, and their holidays. And today? Well today was a special day. A date , in her yo
:iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 4 0
[DoC Group Plot Phase 2] Sidelines Cheerleader by prettypinkey2 [DoC Group Plot Phase 2] Sidelines Cheerleader :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 8 2 CH *SS* King Again by prettypinkey2 CH *SS* King Again :iconprettypinkey2:prettypinkey2 0 0


Commission - [user]
Commissions may be taken by request! Note me for availability and a quote. Do not send payment until it has been approved.


90 day Mustang challenge winners
I am proud to announce the winners for the 90 day Mustang challenge! We only had 3 people complete the challenge, and managed to have two people get the exact same score! So, there will be 2 grand champions. 
1st grand champion 

reward: 200 :points:
2ed grand champion

reward: 200 :points:
Reserve champion 

reward: 100 :points: 
art rewards will be made by the following:
Mustangs for Auction

all points not used for prizes will be used to support more events like these! I will be making a group soon to help promote training horse events l
:iconstripe13:Stripe13 3 11
90 day Mustang challenge champion by Stripe13 90 day Mustang challenge champion :iconstripe13:Stripe13 1 0 Basset Hound Raffle [FREE] by WisteriaFalls Basset Hound Raffle [FREE] :iconwisteriafalls:WisteriaFalls 6 16 DoC | BWP April Showers Bring May Flowers by aes0 DoC | BWP April Showers Bring May Flowers :iconaes0:aes0 40 19
90 day Mustang Challenge (sign up CLOSED)
Mustangs have started to take over the wild plains, and your here to help the situation. Many mustangs are taken from the wild and held in paddocks to prevent from overpopulation, just waiting for a loving home. 
And you’re here to help!
in this special event, you are given a randomly generated mustang from one of the many paddocks. This Mustang is virtually untouched by man and had no training whatsoever. It is you job to gentle, desensitize, and train your Mustang for the show that takes place 3 months after the signing up period! 
:bulletgreen:How to start:bulletgreen:
the base price for competing in this event is 20 :points: these points go to the winner at the end of the event! Please send the points through gift or my donation widget saying that it’s for the Mustang challenge. 
If you cant afford the points, you may pay in art. At the end of the event, you must draw a drawing of the winning horse. 
:iconstripe13:Stripe13 28 308
Calf Running by StarFyre-Stock Calf Running :iconstarfyre-stock:StarFyre-Stock 2 1 Team Penning by CaptainSchroedster Team Penning :iconcaptainschroedster:CaptainSchroedster 3 1 Guineas - Val HE by HHK-Syndicate Guineas - Val HE :iconhhk-syndicate:HHK-Syndicate 17 2 Hunting Daisies by Sarkzar Hunting Daisies :iconsarkzar:Sarkzar 18 5 |DoC| Ranger by FrostFrameArt |DoC| Ranger :iconfrostframeart:FrostFrameArt 12 7 Kit's Obedience Titles by HawkWingStables Kit's Obedience Titles :iconhawkwingstables:HawkWingStables 3 2 Buccan by Wouv Buccan :iconwouv:Wouv 37 6 Battle of the Breeds - O'Hara Agility by WolfHavenWoods Battle of the Breeds - O'Hara Agility :iconwolfhavenwoods:WolfHavenWoods 5 2 Flicker x Lust Clutch [1/3 OPEN] by WolfHavenWoods Flicker x Lust Clutch [1/3 OPEN] :iconwolfhavenwoods:WolfHavenWoods 8 4 Navajo Herding Titles by SkyWatchKennels Navajo Herding Titles :iconskywatchkennels:SkyWatchKennels 2 5 CPF's Rabbits In The Fields by WolfHavenWoods CPF's Rabbits In The Fields :iconwolfhavenwoods:WolfHavenWoods 5 2




prettypinkey2 has started a donation pool!
1,987 / 3,000
Show my DARPG/HARPG farm, Tokotas, or my species group some support! As well as my other art? ;P

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prettypinkey2's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
This is my main account, used for personal art and commissions. This is also the only account I will accept commission requests from. My side account for Tokotas and Tokota-related ARPG stuff can be found at LamorianQueen. My side account for old art (which used to be my main account) is TheForce77. Commissions done before 2015 are posted there.

You can call me prettypinkey2, Pinkey, or Pinky, I don't really care. I'll probably answer to anything haha.
Gender/pronouns: Female/she/her

♥ Graphic Designing
♥ Supernatural
♥ Marvel (MCU) and Agents of Shield/Agent Carter
♥♥ Doctor Who
♥ Sherlock
♥ The Librarians
♥ The Host
♥ The Fallen series by Thomas E. Sniegoski
♥ The Gentleman Bastards saga by Scott Lynch

I also love sharing what I do! So if you have any questions about my art, or maybe wish to learn to do it yourself, I'd be glad to share some tips!
As a result of me having a lack of time to love all of my doggos equally and a desire to get them some of that deserved love (as well as you guys' enthusiasm toward the idea), I've decided that I'm going to open pretty much all of my dogs for co-ownership! The terms and how to claim a dog as co-owner are below!

Co-ownership Rules

-Your role as co-owner will be helping me to achieve a Working Champion title from Mondial-Kennel-Club for the dog through training and showing. What does this mean? Each dog needs three title sets, three sport show entries+placements, and two AoEs from Mondial-Kennel-Club (earned through Mondial-Kennel-Club hosted shows), as well as having over 800exp.
-Title the dogs in sports that are feasible and appropriate for the breed (ie. no hunting titles for chihuahuas, not that I own any, but you get the idea)
-Working shows only (no conformation/show dogs; CPF is a working dog kennel).
-You do not have to create your own ref for the dog while you are co-owner, but you can if you would like (make sure you tag me in it so I can see!). Do not re-upload CPF's reference as your reference. This will automatically and completely disqualify you from co-ownership.
-Please also familiarize yourself with Cherokee Pointe Farm Breeding Rules and Cherokee Pointe Farm Purchase Agreement should something come up.
-Please include (and fill out) the following in the "Other" section to confirm you have read these rules, or else your co-ownership request will be denied: "the word [dog's call name] reminds me of [blank]"
-You must draw the dog at least once every 3 months to renew your co-ownership eligibility*
*A last minute, non-colored head shot will not count (unless it counts as an RNG show entry, but usually those must be colored); if you become busy, just let me know and I can consider extensions case-by-case.

Co-ownership Perks

-Draw the dog as much as you want; enter as many shows or complete as many titles as you want. I would prefer if you let me know ahead of time what you plan on drawing, just so we don't accidentally end up with two entries for the same show or two title sets for the same sport! The more show entries (and extra images for said shows), the better, to get up to 800+exp! You may (and please do!) also draw "leisure/serenity" images!
-Show prizes (if any) for entries you create go to you.
-You get one full breeding slot in which litter profits will be split between you and the other dog's owner (once the dog becomes eligible).^
-If you have done at least 67% of the work toward a dog's Working Champion title, you will earn a second breeding slot (once the dog becomes eligible), in which litter profits will be split between you and myself.
^CPF dogs become eligible for breeding once they have achieved the Working Champion title from Mondial-Kennel-Club.

How to claim co-ownership

To claim co-ownership, it will not be first come first serve! You must fill out the form provided below and I will evaluate your eligibility. If you are approved, I will reply to your comment to let you know, and your name will be updated on the list below as well on the dog's ref. If you are not approved, you must wait 24 hours before attempting again.
Username: (self explanatory)
Do you agree to the terms?: (ie. the stuff above this form)
Dog: (link and show/registered name of the dog you would like to co-own)
Your plans for co-ownership: (what do you wish to accomplish by co-owning this dog?)
Other: (anything else to add?)

Dogs open for co-ownership

Co-owner | Progress (Titles, Shows, Breeding)

Wolf-Haven's Devil's Door by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Wolf-Haven's Gina Lynn by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

CPF's Call Me Captain Killian Jones by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

*SS* CPF's Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

291 Hazel's All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

#03*000*870 CPF TCHKE Custard Tart by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

#03*000*781 GF CPF's Red Velvet Cheesecake by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

#03*000*848 Waggin's Under the Sea of CPF by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

01*000*144 CPF's Twelvetide Offerings by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

CPF's Hugs and Kisses by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

010 CPF's Lonely Nights by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

CPF's Rags to Riches by prettypinkey2
@ | :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Shameless advertising that animals listed here are for sale!


Listen up kiddos! If you save artwork of your characters from other websites, INCLUDE THE ARTIST USERNAME/ID NUMBER. This will save you so much time omg. Pinkey learned this the hard way. RIP.
Opinions needed! I'm joining Esks! Yay! (On my side account LamorianQueen). But I can't decide if I should get MYO "F" or wait until May 21 for new options! What do y'all think?! I *won't* be using the available morph, so should I leave it for someone who will?
Check out my new side account for Tokotas and other related ARPG stuff! LamorianQueen! Any future artwork related to Kingdom-Of-Alvaria will go there! (This includes my Tokotas, Drakehests, and some additional ARPG critters!)
*flails and runs around happily* dear amazing anon, TYSM for the core gift!! ily whoever you are <3 been a crazy semester and receiving such a wonderful gift around my birthday means tons <3
Streaming again for about an hour! One of these days I'll make a journal instead of a status spam xD


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